Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt

Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt

     Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt is a pure high quality nutrient that is very alkaline, helping balance the cellular osmosis pressure, and is not detrimental like common salt...Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt is very safe.

     When the human body maintains 0.9% salinity, our blood becomes clean, and our bodies become warm. Detoxi is ionized and fully absorbed into the body, creating healthy cells through human body cell adhesion and enhancing the benefits of body heat through far infrared rays.

     Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi salt is made by using an ancient process that originated thirteen hundred years ago from a Buddhist temple in Korea. Natural sun-dried salt is packed inside hollow sections of bamboo and heated 9 times for 20 hours at 3000°F with pure yellow ocher.

     This process produces a pure grade of salt that contains numerous essential minerals and micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium.

     Detoxi has high levels of phosphorus, zinc, and ionized hydrogen. A study by the Pusan National University concluded that bamboo salt heated 9 times is different than ordinary salt and has alkaline properties with more Oxygen Hydrogen groups and anti-oxidant activity. Its outstanding features provide nutrients by working with our bodies without side effects and can be used along with other health food products.

Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Bamboo Salt

     Research at the Korean Health Institution shows the effects of Dexoti salt balancing osmotic pressure and controlling blood pressure levels. Highly alkaline Dexoti salt supports higher pH blood levels and balances blood salt levels, which produces very important health benefits.

     Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi salt balances the essential ratio of trace elements and the pH of body fluid. Germs cannot survive in human blood with a pH value of 7.35-7.45. Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi salt has a pH of 7.5, higher than ordinary salt.


Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt

Suggested usage:
Mainly used as a health supplement, Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Bamboo Salt can also be used for cooking, massage, bathing, etc. Bamboo Salt is a great compliment to Biomat high-heat sessions.
Mix one packet with 8 ounces of water and drink before Bio-Mat therapy session or 30 minutes before a meal. Make sure to only consume 1 to 3 packets per day and drink plenty of water. Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Bamboo Salt Powder is available in a single 1 bottle package, or one carton with three bottles.
Bottle size 6.75" x 3.50" x 2.75", Weight 0.33 lbs, Volume 246 grams

Richway Fuji Bio Inc. Detoxi Salt

One Bottle

Detoxi Salt 1 bottle

Three Bottles

Detoxi Salt 3 bottles

Zhao,Z., Jung,O., and Park, K., 2012, Alkalinity and Antioxidant Effects of Bamboo Salt, 1301-1304, Dept of Food Science and Nutrition and Dept. of Chemistry, Pusan National University, Korea.



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I received my biomat last week and I love it! I use it every night to sleep and it is wonderful.

Thank you,"

Cathy E.
Zionsville, PA
April, 2010

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